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What is the Web Portal? 

The Online Portal gives you direct access to dispatching tools, order history, and personal address books. As a part of your account, the web portal is updated in real-time, allowing you to enjoy a higher level of service.


Can I place my own orders through the portal?

Yes, the web portal allows you to schedule pickups and create orders yourself through the Web Portal. Validation prevents mistakes, allowing you to have confidence that the orders entered are viable.


What about tracking?

You can view a multitude of shipment-related information in real-time: the status of an order; the assigned driver; the recipient; the drop off time; and other proof of delivery information, including the recipient’s signature. The tracking grid may be searched, filtered, and rearranged to parallel your wants and needs. The results can be exported to Microsoft Excel.


What else can this save me time with?

The online portal saves all locations in your account, whether they are created by our dispatchers or you. Each account will see only their own, personal address book locations. You can perform bulk imports from address list files. These may be imported directly through the Web Portal. Customers who require invoicing will also have an invoice tab at the top of their Web Portal.  


I have a Daily Scheduled Delivery, Do I need to input into the portal?

If you have a scheduled daily, weekly, bi-weekly or any scheduled route, there is no need to enter into the portal. The shipment will automatically be generated at 12:01 am on the day of your shipment.  The shipment will be available to view in the tracking tab in the Web Portal.


What is the approval process?

You sign up for access to the online web portal. After the request is received, a dispatcher reviews your application and determines if you need to be linked to an existing account or to create a new customer account. After the determination is made, an email is generated to confirm your account information, and web portal access is granted. The processing for existing customers is usually on the same day, while new customers take up to 2 days to process. 



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