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About Meadowlark Logistics LLC

Welcome to Meadowlark Logistics LLC, your number one source for same day and scheduled deliveries. 


Founded in 2014 in the city of Fargo North Dakota, Meadowlark Logistics LLC was developed to provide businesses with a safe and secure alternative in the delivery and transportation of their clients' goods and services. Driven by this goal and to fulfill the needs for secure handling and transportation of confidential and time-sensitive materials, Meadowlark Logistics LLC implemented a customized same day and scheduled delivery service. Couriers would pick-up the clients' packages and deliver them to designated processing centers, all on the clients specified schedule. This ensured the safe, convenient and cost-effective movement of clients goods. As the banking and medical industries needs evolved over the years,  Meadowlark Logistics LLC has adapted its procedures and processes to develop and progress alongside the changing market trends and ranging customer needs. 


With a combined 25+ years of experience in the transportation industry, Meadowlark Logistics LLC specializes in same day and scheduled services as well as on-demand transportation needs. 


With "Complete Customer Satisfaction" as our number one priority, Meadowlark Logistics LLC strives to continually improve its contractors, equipment, facilities, and service to give our customers the most cost-efficient and dependable service for time-sensitive materials. 




David Lawson, Owner

Meadowlark Logistics LLC

David Lawson
Rachael Lawson
Business Office Manager​
Eric Lawson
Operations Support Manager
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